JRCSD Update - Sept. 1, 2021

JRCSD Update - Sept. 1, 2021
Posted on 09/01/2021
important update graphicGood evening JRCSD families and staff, 

As you are aware, the start of the school year was pushed back a week due to our need to test, clean, and re-test several classrooms in each school impacted by mold caused by high humidity levels. Below is an update on the following areas:

1. Air Quality Test Results - All Schools

2. Pipes under the Pratt Auditorium

3. Recent Facility Matter


On Tuesday afternoon, we received the results of the air quality tests performed in the classrooms impacted by mold. The results came back favorably, and teachers were informed that they could enter those spaces and prepare their rooms. The environmental hygienist has identified one more space that needed to be cleaned and retested. The cleaning and testing of that room has already been completed and we are awaiting the test results.


Work continues on the broken pipes and junctions that are located several feet beneath the Pratt Auditorium. During the process of fixing the known broken pipes/junctions, another broken pipe was discovered under the Pratt. The company we hired to complete the work is scheduled to continue the repair process throughout this week. With the continued prediction of heavy rainfall for our region, it becomes even more important that we fix these identified areas.


The district has had to replace most of the flooring throughout the SAU offices as a result of the flooding. The district has hired a company to retile the student services area of the SAU. Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday), we were made aware that the company chose to pull up and remove an area of the floor that contained asbestos.

It is normal for older buildings to have some asbestos tiles. We knew that there were some asbestos tiles in this part of the school building and made certain that the company knew exactly where they were. We directed them to tile over the asbestos tiles so that the asbestos tiles would not be disturbed. Despite us asking for them to leave the asbestos tiles alone, the company removed them.

When we found out, we immediately worked to evacuate all individuals from that area of the building and called the Lawson Group for support. They directed us to turn the air handler off, have everyone leave that part of the building, and to seal off the immediate area. We did as directed.

After completing what they told us to do, we contacted them again to schedule air quality testing for today, September 1. All employees who work in the middle school and SAU area of the building were instructed not to enter the area until we were informed by the Lawson group that it was safe to do so. 

This morning, the Lawson Group tested the air quality in the SAU and in the older portion of the middle school and found that the air quality in the school was normal. We were told, however, that the SAU Student Services area will require thorough cleaning. Peniel Environmental, under the supervision of the Lawson Group, will perform this cleaning over the next several days.

I will be sure to keep you informed if any changes occur. I look forward to seeing all of our learners next Tuesday.

Have a nice evening,

Reuben Duncan

SAU 47 Superintendent
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