Here is a short video on how to add an event to you calendar:
Adding an event to your Google Calendar


For more detailed information about your calendar see the directions below.

1. To access your calendar make sure you re signed into Google and click on the mini boxes on the right, then on calendar.











2. Your calendar will open in a new window.


3. To customize your calendar click on the gear in the top right hand corner then click on settings.


4. The settings window will appear with multiple options for you to chose from. You will want to use the general and calendar tabs to adjust your settings to your preferences.


5. To add an event just click on the day and time you want the event to occur. The box will pop-up and you can add your event. If everything looks accurate you can select Create event. If you need to adjust times or want the event to repeat chose Edit event.


6. If you choose to edit your event it will look like the image below. You can adjust the time, reminder preferences, and chose to repeat your event. Staff meetings may be an event that you want to repeat so you do not have to enter them into your calendar each time.


7. If you select repeat, the box below will appear and you can select how often and on what days you would like te event ot repeat. Select Done when finished.


8. Once you have finished editing your event select save in the upper left corner, you will return to your calendar.

Download the Setting Up Google Calendar pdf