MS22 Report of Appropriations Actually Voted Results of March 14, 2017 Vote
Jaffrey Sample Ballot Rindge Sample Ballot
First Session – Report of the District Clerk Annual Report – March 2017
2017-18 Budget Development Calendar Line Item Budget
2017-18 Warrant Articles Special Education / Student Services
Public NoticeBond Hearing;
Public Hearing
Conant High School
School Budget (MS26) Jaffrey-Rindge Middle School
Default Budget Rindge Memorial School
2017-18 Budget Overview Jaffrey Grade School
Operating Budget Facilities
Default Budget SAU & Districtwide Services
2017-18 Revenues Food Service
Estimated Revenues & Assessments    
Estimated Allocation of Taxes
First (Deliberative) Session Presentation
Bond Hearing Presentation Budget Hearing Presentation


Enrollment Report 2006 to 2016 Substitute Analysis
NESDEC Enrollment Handout (Nov 2016) Budget History
Cost Per Pupil Food Service
October 1 Staffing & Org Chart Annual Apportionment Data
Grant Funded Positions School and Town Tax Rate History
Summary of State and Federal Projects Trust & Reserve Funds
Budget Definitions Trust & Reserve Fund Definitions