MS22 Report of Appropriations Actually Voted Results of March 14, 2017 Vote
Jaffrey Sample Ballot Rindge Sample Ballot
First Session – Report of the District Clerk Annual Report – March 2017
2017-18 Budget Development Calendar Line Item Budget
2017-18 Warrant Articles Special Education / Student Services
Public Notice & Bond Hearing Conant High School
School Budget (MS26) Jaffrey-Rindge Middle School
Default Budget Rindge Memorial School
2017-18 Budget Overview Jaffrey Grade School
Operating Budget Facilities
Default Budget SAU & Districtwide Services
2017-18 Revenues Food Service
Estimated Revenues & Assessments    
Estimated Allocation of Taxes
Preliminary Annual Report – February 2016
First (Deliberative) Session Presentation
 5-Year Capital Plan Budget Hearing Presentation  5-Year Capital Plan


Enrollment Report 2006 to 2016 Substitute Analysis
NESDEC Enrollment Handout (Nov 2016) Budget History
Cost Per Pupil Food Service
October 1 Staffing & Org Chart Annual Apportionment Data
Grant Funded Positions School and Town Tax Rate History
Summary of State and Federal Projects Trust & Reserve Funds
Budget Definitions Trust & Reserve Fund Definitions