Our mission

is to provide a quality learning environment that creates life-long learners and productive citizens.

Vision Statement

The Jaffrey-Rindge Cooperative School District cherishes each child, and inspires his/her pursuit of learning.


  • To have 100% of our students experience a relevant and rigorous curriculum
  • To have 100% of our students graduate
  • To have 100% of our student learning experiences provided by teachers who maintain exemplary teaching practices
  • The Jaffrey-Rindge School District is committed to becoming one of the ten best school districts in New Hampshire

We Believe

  • Each child should be challenged to excel
  • Students deserve curricular opportunities that recognize their talents
  • The whole community is engaged in educating our children
  • We must accommodate and celebrate individual’s learning differences
  • All staff are integral to student learning

We Will

  • Provide the appropriate facilities to implement and support our instructional programs
  • Design and implement a student-centered curriculum
  • Ensure effective family involvement in the education of all studentsAcquire the necessary resources to implement our plan
  • Ensure total participation and support from the community
  • Guarantee the effectiveness of administrative and instructional staffs