With the addition of Chromebooks into our district, it’s important to learn about the Chromebooks, experience them, understand some of the differences, and recognize the power within the Chrome Web Store. Chromebooks are currently being piloted by the district’s technology committee.


How are Chromebooks different?

Chromebooks have a web-based management system, This means they:

  • update themselves
  • boot up in 7 seconds
  • cannot have software installed on them
  • can have apps and extensions installed through the Chrome Web Store (including a plethora of educational apps)
  • can do most anything online via the Chrome browser
  • start up by entering user name and password, then go straight to chrome


What do we need to know about the Chromebook hardware?

There are different types of Chromebooks. The one we are using in our district is the acer. They are light (2.76 lbs) and have a battery life of approximately 8.5 hours.

We also need to be aware that the screens are know to break easily is they are picked up by the screen (top) instead of the keyboard (base). Therefore it is important that we model and expect everyone to pick them up by the base, and review/establish procedure for walking with the Chromebooks particularly at the elementary level.


Chromebook Shortcuts

Here’s a list of  shortcuts for the Chromebook. There are some you will want to specifically teach the students such as:

Chromebook Shortcuts

To right click press Alt and click or put to fingers on the mouse pad and click.


Getting to know the Chrome Web Store

There are educational applications that can be added to the Chromebooks, similar to adding an app to an iPad form iTunes. During the pilot free apps can be installed by teachers.

Teachers do not need Chromebooks to try out the apps-they just need to be logged into Google Apps, and have their Chrome browser open. Then, they can add apps and extensions to their Chrome browser from the Chrome Web Store.

There are many ways to get to the Chrome Web Store from the Chromebook. Here are a few of them:

  1. Google “Chrome Web Store” then click on the link. Then select Education
  2. Go the the Chrome Web Store sampling of Educational Apps then select one of the hyperlinks to take you to the Chrome Web Store.
  3. Access the Web Store from the menu on your Chromebook


Download the Chromebook pdf