1. Start by composing an email. When you want to attach a file or an image click on the paperclip on the bottom near the blue send button

2. Select the file you would like to attach then select open.

3. Your file will be attached. You can see it on the bottom of your email. If you decide you do not want to send that attachment just select the ‘x’ to remove it. Repeat these steps for each file and photo you would like to send. To attach a folder in gmail you need to compress it before attaching it. The directions for compressing a folder are below.



Compressing a Folder

1. To compress a folder, put you mouse on the folder, right click, drag your mouse over send to, then select compress (zipped) folder. A compressed copy will be made that looks like a folder with a zipper on it.

2. Attach the compressed folder like you would a file or photo. It will appear as a .zip file.

Download the pdf of Attachments in Gmail